This organization deals with providing medical assistance to the lower income households in the rural areas. Our mission is to eradicate the lack of health care  facilities in rural India through the deliverance of affordable quality health care by

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  opening primary health care units in those remote villages where health care delivery system of the state is sparse.


Rural Health Care Foundation (RHCF) is an organization striving to address the gap in the availability of low cost primary health care in rural areas. Drawing inspiration from our Late Founder Arun Nevatia’s undying spirit to provide health care facilities to the lowest strata of the socio-economic pyramid, the goal of RHCF is to set up primary health care centers in the remotest areas of the country, providing OPD facilities as well as medication to the low income hard to reach population in India.
RHCF is currently a network of 10 clinics, spread across various districts of West Bengal and has since inception served over 10 lakh patients through its network.

Our vision is to set up primary health care centers in the remotest corners of India, replicating our current service delivery model. We intend to scale up and establish 25 additional centers in the next five years in the most rural areas of West Bengal, and over 100 new centers in the next ten years, throughout the length and breadth of our country. The provision for a mobile hospital equipped to provide basic medical services at the doorstep of the poorest is also envisioned.


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