Wake up!

A poem by Sourabh Ojha

Sourabh Ojha

– A poem by Sourabh Ojha
I am a tree, opposite an alley
Responsible for crimes that cannot be tallied
On this spot,A young boy was shot,
Just for some cash and a chain
A boy on his way to pick his mother, from a late night train…
This is the dark alley…
A place where dogs show humanity
And humans bark

On this spot
The demons striped a girl off her clothes
She screamed for help, alone
The darkness ate her, but no one had known
She was coming back from school
With her little bag, water bottle and tiffin
But, now her father cries over her coffin…

And, again I wish all my leaves shred,
Leaving me just a tree, which is dead.

This is the spot
This is the place
Where a suspect was, by an officer chased
For justice, not glory or name
But, then again dark won… what a shame
Someone said he was married,
Now, his wife cries over where he is buried.


I just noticed in this world so spiritual
Tolerating crime has become habitual
How under the sun,
Can they see something burn?
And, instead of helping people, they choose to run

I wish I could talk
Then, in very sharp words, I would mock
Being a tree, I do my best…
To protect from strong winds, even a bird’s nest
Like my children, cradling to my chest.

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