A pleasant surprise!


Dileep Addingi

At a recent visit to Vizag, our Deputy General Manager, Mr. Abhijit Khachane and his colleagues had an experience that filled them with pride. While dining at the Quality inn ‘Bez Krishna’ one evening, Mr. Khachane received a pleasant surprise. After a quiet dinner out, he was just about to leave the restaurant, when he was approached by one of their staff members. The member, Dileep Addingi, glowed as he extended his hand out to Mr. Khachane.

Addingi exclaimed, ‘I know who you are, you are from Global Success Foundation!’

Before Mr. Khachane could ask Dileep how he had recognized him, Dileep went on to say, “I want to thank you for all the support you have provided me with. I attended the Skill Development Training at the GSF Success Centre and now, I am working with this hotel! In fact, we are a total of 3 candidates working here, including John. A and Karan Kumar. We have just completed our 1st month and have received our very first salary of Rs.5,500!”

For Mr. Khachane, it was an experience no words could express and for Dileep it was an experience that propelled his life ahead. Parting words from Mr. Khachane, “It’s an elevated feeling – a precious, priceless memory! It’s beautiful to ‘make a difference,’ you must try it too…”

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