Your 5 Step Guide to Meditation

Today’s hectic schedule has left most of us with little or no time for ourselves. All the way from our time-consuming, every day travel to the hustle and bustle of our routine lives, the only time we get to spend some quality time with ourselves is when we sleep.  This has got to change, and what better way to do that than with meditation?

Here’s a five step guide to help you begin with meditation. Remember, the key to effective meditation is having a blank mind. Keep your mind empty during the process and you will be surprised at how much it can do for you!

  1. The Perfect Place and Time: Meditation is relaxation. Ensure that you are absolutely free when you meditate. Choose a time when you know you are not going to be disturbed. Often, sunrise and sunset, are ideal for meditating. Similarly, choose a place that is quiet and peaceful which can make meditation a more enjoyable and relaxing experience.
  1. Pose and Poise: Be seated in the Padmasana, better known as the lotus position, to meditate. Sit straight. Keep your shoulders and neck relaxed. Keep your eyes closed throughout the process.
  1. Before Meals: It’s always better that you meditate before having your meal. However, if you are hungry then refrain from meditating as you may end up thinking about food the whole time. In that case, you can meditate two hours after having your food.
  1. Let’s Begin: A few warm-up exercises before sitting to meditate improves circulation and removes restlessness. This makes your body feel lighter. Start with deep breathing. It helps steady the rhythm of the breath, thereby leading your mind into a peaceful, meditative state.
  1. Smile, it’s A Beautiful Day: Be happy and radiate that through your smile. It not only relaxes you, but also enhances your meditation experience. When you are done with your meditation, open your eyes slowly. Take your own time to let in your surroundings, and dwell in the moment for as long as it may linger.

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